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Despite being born tone deaf in one ear, Craig has risen above his disadvantage to achieve the lofty position of spending most of his free time mucking around on the Internet, tinkering with RPG rules, and failing on at least seven occasions to finish writing a novel.

Looking to the Future (or the Past, or Modern Day)

With the conclusion of Serenity Plus in sight, what would people most like to see as my next project?  Not that I can promise anything, and some of these have already been done in other systems, or in Cortex+ by others, but the results of this poll will help inform my decisions of what to look at after I’ve finished the work on the ‘Verse.


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Please Forward All Mail…

I’ve not really got anything here for publication at present, as pretty much everything I’m currently working on (mostly my Serenity/Firefly adaptation for Cortex Plus RPG) is in collaboration with Adam Minnie over at his blog here, so check that out for a great think tank of RPG ideas, plus my own meandering musings!

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